Perfect Paper Co., Ltd. has been specialising in waste paper products since 1972 when it began as a humble family business.  Today, we deal with a large variety of waste paper types ranging from paper core to newsprint and hard white shavings, establishing ourselves as one of the major waste paper companies in Bangkok.  Endowed with the wealth of experience and a sound financial background, we currently enjoy an extensive customer base and a far-reaching network of clients and partnerships, both in Thailand and abroad.


       With business links with many partners in Southeast Asia, we regularly import and export large quantities of waste paper, and at the same time, trade with a wide spectrum of local companies so as to meet all of their waste paper demands.  As a medium-size enterprise, we are the link between the large firms and small dealers across the country, playing a key role in the development of Thailandís rapidly growing paper-recycling industry.


       Reputed for our competent staffs and their warm services, we always make it a personal duty to extend to you a waste paper solution that flexibly fits into your business needs.  On the other hand, we offer waste paper products with good quality at a competitive price, unrivaled by any of our local competitors.


       We constantly supply large paper mills, cardboard boxes factories and tissue paper plants with various types and grades of raw materials based on their specifications.  Meanwhile, we are still deeply rooted to our traditional paper business where our customers include Chinese incense paper factories, fruit and vegetable wholesale markets and many printing firms.  In our factory, we sort, cut and apply special processes so that most prohibitive items will be removed and the remaining waste paper can be catagorised and compressed into bales.


       Over the past 32 years, our name has become a mark of trust in which quality and great services are delivered in an affordable package.  In years to come, we endeavour to help strengthen Thailandís waste paper industry by promoting recycling habit among households and offices so as to allow a much greater proportion of waste paper, which will otherwise intensify garbage problems, to enter the recycling processes or be reused at all possible manners.