We believe in long-term partnership and there is no other way to achieve that other than faithfully delivering what we have promised.  You can be sure that with each and every order you make with us, you will always enjoy competitive prices and a better waste paper quality.  Thatís because at Perfect Paper, we pay great attention to details throughout various production stages, so in our quest for perfection, we will make sure that prohibitive items, outthrows and non-paper contaminants are painstakingly removed.  At the same time, we manually sort our waste paper so that they are almost completely organised into different grades and types according to our strict specifications.  Only when such tedious chores have been carried out that we then compress our waste paper into bales.  
       Every staff at our company is trained to be both efficient and service-oriented, and we are encouraged to have received many positive feedbacks from many of our clients with regards to our services.  Indeed, we strive to be prompt and flexible, always making sure that our waste paper solutions remain relevant in suiting our customersí needs.  If you would like to share your thoughts on our products and services, or if you have a relevant feedback, your comments and suggestions are always welcome.  You can direct your precious feedback to our managing director, Mrs. Sasipas Srikositnan, at pekfar@hotmail.com.  Alternatively, please dial +661 753 1365.